1. Product

    10 Apr 2019

  2. eCommerce

    31 Jan 2019
    Sportscene Due South Donna

  3. Retouching: Before & After

    23 Apr 2017

  4. FEDISAGCS2015

    03 Nov 2015
    Third Year Graduate Collections. Second Year ‘Remastered Dynasty’ Designs  First Year ‘This Is Not A Fairytale’ Designs Fashion show held on the FEDISA Events Deck

  5. Stylist101

    05 Jul 2015
    From 3-5 July I attended a styling workshop hosted at FEDISA presented by the fashion editor of Fairlady Magazine,Cara-Lee Ruditzky, to help those interested in fashion get their sneak peek into the styling world. This 3-day intensive welcomed us with goodie bags filled with all kind of lovely things including…

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