1. eCommerce

    Date 16 Jun 2018
    Redbat x Nasty C for Sportscene, TFG.  Donna, TFG. Due South, TFG.  Fabiani, TFG.

  2. Retouching: Before & After

    Date 23 Apr 2017
    [image-vertical: fingerprint-]

  3. Natasha Black Designs

    Date 24 Sep 2016

  4. FEDISAGCS2015

    Date 03 Nov 2015
    Third Year Graduate Collections. Second Year ‘Remastered Dynasty’ Designs  First Year ‘This Is Not A Fairytale’ Designs Fashion show held on the FEDISA Events Deck

  5. Stylist101

    Date 05 Jul 2015
    From 3-5 July I attended a styling workshop hosted at FEDISA presented by the fashion editor of Fairlady Magazine,Cara-Lee Ruditzky, to help those interested in fashion get their sneak peek into the styling world. This 3-day intensive welcomed us with goodie bags filled with all kind of lovely things including gift vouchers…


    Date 09 Jun 2015
    Yesterday evening FEDISA had their official Orms Photographic Studio launch party. Orms and FEDISA have had a working relationship for a good few years and a few weeks ago Orms sponsored a studio on the FEDISA campus. I got there at about 16:00 and the model, Jessica Parr, was busy having her makeup done…

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